For Family & Friends

Please don’t lose hope and never give up on the one you love.  The right help is all that’s needed.  There are no guarantees with Addicts/Alcoholics but there are things we can do to help push them in the right direction while still trying to live our own lives.  Some Addicts/Alcoholics need Detox and or Rehabilitation to give them a fighting chance and I can also help with that.

Need help with your child, sibling, spouse, or friend? Let me help you.

For friends and family, dealing with an addict is most difficult.  It’s not easy to watch someone you love destroy their lives and make one bad decision after another.  You can see where they are headed and that things are getting worse.  The more you help the worse things get.  Most of us have been on “this ride” with the addict for some time now and no matter what you say or how much you have done, things just keep getting worse.  If what you are doing and have been doing has not worked then it’s time to do something different.  With overdoses at an all-time high, it is imperative that immediate professional action be taken to get the addict the real help they need.  In most cases, an intervention is exactly what is needed.  An experienced interventionist can guide you and the addict through the maze of confusion and conflict that has been a part of your life for so long. Isn’t it time to try something different? Isn’t it time to save the life of someone who is obviously lost? Please, make the call.

Intervention Services For Addicts and Families

My Approach To Coaching

“My grandson was lost to me and I could not help him.  He used to be such a sweet boy, he was kind and considerate, he was the apple of my eye.  As he went into his teenage years he started to get into trouble and he started to drink and we found drugs in his room.  In a few short years, he was a full blown drug addict.  I didn’t understand how it all happened.  My good friend at church gave me Arik’s name and number at  I reached out to Arik and we hired him to do an intervention.  He took care of everything including detox and rehabilitation.  He actually drove Alex there himself and made sure he went in.  That night was the first night my husband and I slept in a long time.  When Alex came out we hired Arik to continue to work with him,  Alex listened to Arik because Arik was once where Alex was.  Thank you, Arik for helping our grandson get his life back.”

Rebecca H.

I’m really not one to write reviews but I feel I need to.  My parents did the best they could for me, they gave me everything a young lady could ever ask for.  Somewhere down the line I lost my way and got so confused about life and who I was that I fell into drugs and alcohol.  The more I used and drank the stranger my beliefs got.  Looking back now I can see how lost I was.  I tried church, physiatry and doctors but I couldn’t relate to them and they couldn’t relate to me.  Unbeknownst to me my parents looked for an Interventionist and found Arik.  One day I walked into a room full of my loved ones lead by Arik and they told me the truth about who I had become and when I tried to deny it all and excuse it away Arik delivered the truth in a way I had never heard before, he was so kind and loving that it took all the fight out of me.  I made a decision to surrender my will and just trust.  I can tell you it was the best decision I have ever made!  I’ve been clean and sober for over a year now and I’m enjoying life in a way I never had before.  Thank you to my parents and friends for loving me and thank you Arik for knowing how to get through to me in a way no one ever could.  I believe in my heart that had Arik not come into my life I wouldn’t be here now.  I still work with Arik as my addiction coach and he has shown me how to deal with my thoughts and emotions.  Life is good, keep up the hard work Arik, I love you.

Ashley M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Addiction Coaching?

Addiction Coaching is a well thought out and personalized game plan for those who feel like they need ongoing help to stay clean and sober.  This can include daily check-ins or 24-hour around-the-clock companionship to help them stay clean and sober. Addiction coaching is also available for family and friends to help them set and hold new boundaries to preserve and enjoy their newfound relationship with the addict/alcoholic.

How Do I Know if Addiction Coaching Is Right for Me?

If you have tried everything and the addict/alcoholic is only getting worse and worse then an Intervention can make all the difference in the world, it can be the difference between life and death. It has been my experience that family members ARE NOT the best people to provide the actual help to the addict/alcoholic but they do play a critical and crucial part in finding the right people who can help. An intervention done by someone who knows what they are doing makes all the difference in the world.  A professional Interventionist with years of experience can easily overcome any objections that the addict/alcoholic may have about accepting the help they need.  The interventionist also makes all the necessary arrangements to ensure the proper help is available and provided.

Do You Only Work With Certain People?

I work with EVERYONE!  Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate and either do I.

Do You Offer Ongoing Services?

Ongoing support and coaching is a very BIG part of what I do! Most addicts/alcoholics and their families need continuous help and support until they feel secure and confident enough in their own abilities to maintain their newfound lives.

Do You Work With The Family As Well?

Working with the family is an essential part of helping the Addict/Alcoholic to get and stay clean and sober.  It is of the utmost importance to follow the mutually agreed upon game plan to ensure that we do not return to the old behaviors and patterns that only made things worse.  Newly formed guidelines and boundaries will be tested by the addict/alcoholic so it is imperative to reach out for help when you feel weak BEFORE you give in.  It’s not only the Addict/Alcoholic that needs to change what they do and how they think, the family needs to do the same. It’s not easy but it can and has been done.



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