An Intervention is a method in which a professional Interventionist is hired by friends and family who want help confronting their loved ones who are lost to drugs or alcohol but can’t see it.  It consists of a meeting that includes loved ones and the addict/alcoholic to lay down a final ultimatum to get help or be completely independent in every way.  If the addict/alcoholic agrees to accept the help then they are taken to detox or rehab immediately. 

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What Exactly is an intervention? Do we/I really need it?

Intervention Basics

An intervention is an organized gathering by an experienced interventionist of friends and family to help a loved one who is in trouble with drugs or alcohol.  Interventions are most effective when done by an experienced interventionist. The interventionist will run the entire session and will give very clear and specific instructions on what to say and do for each person attending.  The goal of an intervention is to get the addict/alcoholic immediate help. It is most common for the addict/alcoholic to go to treatment right from the intervention, that is our goal, and transportation is provided.  It is of the utmost importance to follow the directions of the interventionist, he is experienced and understands what works and what doesn’t.  Interventions do work and are often the last chance at salvaging the life of a loved one.

Do You Need Addiction Coaching

Do you find yourself not being able to stop?

Have you felt like drugs and alcohol are the sources of your problems?

Do you want to change the quality of your life?

Are you losing touch with your family and friends?

Do you feel like you can’t live with or without drugs and alcohol?

Do you want a better life but just don’t know how to get there?

My Approach to Interventions

The job of an interventionist is to help get the addict/alcoholic immediate help!  It’s the job of the interventionist to identify the family dynamics and to sort out the entanglement and dysfunction.  Simply put, he puts things back in order and gives clear instructions to everyone involved to bring about change and to ensure the addict/alcoholic gets the help they need.  If you are willing to do what’s needed to get help for your loved one then you are ready for an intervention.

About Addiction

About Addiction

Addiction is a disease of the body, mind, and spirit and its symptoms are very socially unacceptable, they include lying, stealing, and cheating  At the core of the disease of addiction is total self-centeredness. Rationalization and justification become a way to normalize the most outrageous behavior and thinking patterns. Addiction warps the addictive thinking and view of life to such a degree that friends and family look on with shock.  It’s a continuous and progressive disease and if not treated the addict will ALWAYS  end up in jails, institutions, or dead.

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Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

I have only one purpose in my personal life and that is to help as many addicts/alcoholics as I can before I die!  Addicts and alcoholics are not losers, they are just lost. Big difference! Of course, they need to be ready to accept help but the help they receive is as important as the desire to get help.  I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I speak their language and I identify with how lost and alone they feel but more importantly I can help guide them out.  I’m in the business of saving lives because every life is worth saving.

Addiction Coaching
Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Change & Maintain Healthy Habits

All Addicts/alcoholics who are using and abusing drugs and alcohol are selfish and self-centered, they have to be to stay in their Addiction.  After getting Clean and Sober new habits and interests need to be adopted to maintain long-term change in behavior and thinking. This is where addiction coaching comes into play.  I lead by example because Addicts/Alcoholics can smell BS from a mile away.  As we get clean and sober we can then help others do the same and that will ensure that we never forget who we were and where we came from.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Addiction Coaching?

Addiction Coaching is a well thought out and personalized game plan for those who feel like they need ongoing help to stay clean and sober.  This can include daily check-ins or 24-hour around-the-clock companionship to help them stay clean and sober. Addiction coaching is also available for family and friends to help them set and hold new boundaries to preserve and enjoy their newfound relationship with the addict/alcoholic.

How Do I Know if Addiction Coaching Is Right for Me?

If you have tried everything and the addict/alcoholic is only getting worse and worse then an Intervention can make all the difference in the world, it can be the difference between life and death. It has been my experience that family members ARE NOT the best people to provide the actual help to the addict/alcoholic but they do play a critical and crucial part in finding the right people who can help. An intervention done by someone who knows what they are doing makes all the difference in the world.  A professional Interventionist with years of experience can easily overcome any objections that the addict/alcoholic may have about accepting the help they need.  The interventionist also makes all the necessary arrangements to ensure the proper help is available and provided.

Do You Only Work With Certain People?

I work with EVERYONE!  Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate and either do I.

Do You Offer Ongoing Services?

Ongoing support and coaching is a very BIG part of what I do! Most addicts/alcoholics and their families need continuous help and support until they feel secure and confident enough in their own abilities to maintain their newfound lives.

Do You Work With The Family As Well?

Working with the family is an essential part of helping the Addict/Alcoholic to get and stay clean and sober.  It is of the utmost importance to follow the mutually agreed upon game plan to ensure that we do not return to the old behaviors and patterns that only made things worse.  Newly formed guidelines and boundaries will be tested by the addict/alcoholic so it is imperative to reach out for help when you feel weak BEFORE you give in.  It’s not only the Addict/Alcoholic that needs to change what they do and how they think, the family needs to do the same. It’s not easy but it can and has been done.



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